ZTA Xmas Project



This is my final project created with a holiday theme. The topic is a Christmas party for an organization. The pictures and video all have holiday images to engage an audience. There are different colors and fonts used for all the different platforms created. For this final project many techniques were integrated to show the progress made.Hope everyone enjoys!

Photo Essay

This photo essay was created in order to tell a story. The story being told is a simple one. It is someone going to get their hair done. The photos are put in a specific order to tell the story to the audience without them having to look at any captions. The audience for this project is anyone interested in fashion, because hair is fashion after all. The audience could also be aimed at college students. This story also promotes the salon in the photos. At the end of the story there is a satisfied customer, so the salon is good quality.

Thiphoto essay project.jpgphoto essay project2.png

Newsletter Project

This newsletter project was created in order to advertise a specific event. The event in this case is a sorority function, Pancake breakfast. The audience for this newsletter was aimed for anyone interested in the philanthropy which is breast cancer. This newsletter is to get people to be involved in the philanthropy event to help save peoples lives in the long run. It advertises an important event clearly and in an enticing manner.